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We offer a variety of products

The product area Sanitary Systems comprises all sanitary technology found in buildings (with the exception of pipelines) and is divided into four product lines: Installation Systems, Cisterns and Mechanisms, Faucets and Flushing Systems, Waste Fittings and Traps.

The product area Piping Systems comprises all piping technology found in buildings for drinking water, heating, gas and other media and is divided into the product lines Building Drainage Systems and Supply Systems.

The product area Sanitary Ceramics comprises all relevant sanitary equipment in the bathroom and is divided into the product lines Bathroom Ceramics and Ceramics Complementary Products.


To us you will find WC, bidet, furniture, cabins and bathtubs, sinks and shower plates of different styles and forms, which can somehow fit your tastes.

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Pipes and fittings for wastewater discharges and white. Joining pipes and fittings between them done quickly and simply without the need for adhesive. Inflations union of rubber seals are guaranteed by these tubes containing the fittings. We offer both discharge tubes and fittings against noise, so necessary in multi-storey buildings.

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Heating Cooling System

It is a system that is achieved through water circulation through pipes or PEX multistrato are laid under the floor in the form of serpentine. This system implements a very comfortable heat for the human body (starting heating feet) and a greater efficiency of use of thermal energy.

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Video Gallery

See more video-t to get acquainted with our quality products and assistance we offer. All we care with thorough and contemporary technology.

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