Perfect service is our main goal!


Hidrosanitare Sinani is one of the firms that successfully operates in the market of materials cabinets, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical and paint.
Focus and strategy of our company is the quality maximum. We offer a very broad range of products, but above all more qualitative ...
Our activity started in the early 90 and has grown year after year by leaps and bounds. Today we cooperate with partners prestigious of Italy , Germany and many other countries of Europe, whose products are certified and conform to norms and directives of the European Community.
to we will find the latest technology, absolute quality and standard. Anyone can come and visit our company, to look closely at all our products and all European quality. Sanitary materials, pellet stoves, paints ciësore, cooling and heating systems and many other services are available at our showroom.


The mission of our company is to achieve a wider spread of the market in all Albanian territory, to offer services and products to the highest quality..
The quality of products is our main focus and european standard intend to be the main goals for our company to succed. Sinan Sanitation try to educate the Albanian consumer products with the best quality!
Our company will continue to collaborate with world leaders to bring to you the quality and security you want.


Sinan Sanitation primary focus is on customer satisfaction, quality and warranty.
The vision of our company is able to build a large circuit of clients in the entire country to bring the best products to world leaders.
Geberit, Comisa many other well-known companies are part of our franchise!
One of the goals for the future is expansion of these exclusivities.


Sinan Sanitation is very close to you at every possible point.
Headquarters are located in Tirana-Durres highway, KM26. There you will find the full range of plumbing materials, electrical, heating systems, plumbing and paints.
Sinan Sanitation will also be found at Sukth (Durres), the recently Shijak and our newest branch Zogu i Zi, near the palace of sports “Asllan Rusi” Tirana.